LIALET® 111-10 

LIALET® 111-10 is a fatty alcohol polyethylenglcol ether that is a good detergent agent and shows degreasing and anti-irritant performances in DWL formulations. It is a fatty alcohol polyethylenglycol ether, based on LIAL® 111 and ethylene oxide (10 moles). This product is a paste that has a cloud point of 85°C, a hydroxyl number of 90mg KOH/g, and a polyethylenglycol of 2.5% w/w.


Sasol Olefins and Surfactants GmbH (Sasol O&S) manufactures surfactants, surfactant intermediates, and other additives for Paint and Coatings. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, Sasol O&S has a broad product portfolio of synthetic and natural alcohols, including alcohols with carbon chains ranging from C6 to C26+, 100% linear to 100% branched, and the capability to make custom blends of anything in between.


Sasol Performance Chemicals

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