Exsymol S.A.M.

EXSY NUTRIMENT® SILICIQUE is a STABILIZED and ASSIMILABLE SILICIC ACID. It is made of orthosilicic acid Si(OH)4, whose hydroxyl functions (OH) are linked by hydroygen bonds to the amino acids of a marine collagen hydrolysate. This avoids the formation of silica, a non assimilable, therefore biologically inactive form of silicon during transit in the gastro-duodenal tract. EXSY NUTRIMENT® SILICIQUE is a powder titrated at 5% SILICIC ACID, the equivalent to 1.5% SILICON. This SILICON is non polymerizable, perfectly stable and assimilable during ingestion since it is not polycondensed (patented process). As a source of SILICON and due to its biological and metabolic activity, EXSY NUTRIMENT® SILICIQUE can be compared to the natural silicon found in our organism and supplied by our diet.


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