DHR 200 

DHR 200 is a high purity hydrotreated blend of isoparaffins and naphtenics hydrocarbons (C11-C15) produced by Sasol Italy in its Sarroch facilities (Sardinia). This product is a dearomatised solvent with a high flash point and a narrow boiling range.



Sasol Olefins and Surfactants is a leading developer and manufacturer of Lubricant ingredients and Metal Processing agents. It supplies linear alkyl benzene, ethylene, high-purity alumina, silica-alumina, hydrotalcites, and an array of C6+ alcohol products and derivatives. Sasol O&S lines include ALFOL® alcohols, ISOFOL® acids, MARLOX® wetting agents, and NACOL® linear di-n-alkyl ethers.


Sasol Performance Chemicals

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