Sunscreen Lotion with Titanium Dioxide and Intelimer® 8600 Polymer (Formulation #U003)   

Sunscreen Lotion with Titanium Dioxide and Intelimer® 8600 Polymer (Formulation #U003) is designed to be a high SPF sun screen lotion that provides excellent wash off resistance and sensory properties. The unique benefit of Intelimer® 8600 Polymer in this formulation is that it improves wash off resistance and enhances SPF.


Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. develops and produces a number of innovative ingredients for the global personal care and cosmetic industries. These ingredients can be used in skin care, sun care, hair care, and color cosmetics. Some of their more popular actives product lines include Cellular Actives™ and ROVISOMES™. Their polymer platforms provide a unique, and multi-functional benefit to formulators.


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