Castorwax® MP-70 Solid 

INCI Name:

Hydrogenated Castor Oil


HallStar Company

Castorwax® MP-70 Solid (Hydrogenated Castor Oil, nominal melting point 70°C) is a fairly hard, high melting point wax that is mainly Glyceryl Trihydroxystearate. It is insoluble in many organic solvents, but is highly compatible with many resins and waxes. Castorwax® MP-70 Solid finds application as a structurant for deodorant sticks and lipsticks and the oil phase in skin cleansers, creams, ointments and color cosmetics.



HallStar Company is a manufacturer of unique esters for the Personal Care and Cosmetics industry. Products include a diverse range of ester polarities, bisabolol and vegetal ceramides, olechemicals to act as plasticizers, emollients, and solvents for hair care products, and sodium stearate as a gelling agent for stick deodorants. These are used for a range of effects to improve esthetics and performance.


HallStar Company

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