dermosoft® 700B 

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Dr. Straetmans

dermosoft® 700B is a multifunctional fragrance composition made from natural resources. The active component is dissolved in a water-glycerol mixture to yield a ready to use product with moisturizing properties. The delicate scent of Dermosoft® 700B will help to mask undesired odors of other raw materials but will usually not interfere with the added fragrance. Its gentle acidic nature will improve the natural acidic environment of the skin. This product is skin friendly, non irritating, non sensitizing, does not contain genetically modified material, and is ECOCERT approved.


Dr. Straetmans give their customers a wide range of multifunctional products. They also produce oil components, solubilizers and emulsifiers, which we incorporate in very inventive ideas for a wide selection of cosmetic applications. Some important product lines include Dermofeel®, Dermosoft®, Verstatil® and Symbio®.

Dr. Straetmans

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