SymRelief® S 

INCI Name:

Bisabolol (and) Hydroxymethoxyphenyl Decanone



SymRelief® S is a multiple-benefit synergistic blend of anti-irritants. It is a comprehensive solution targeting all majors inflammatory mediators and it has triple anti-irritant efficacy, which is a effective inhibitor of: IL-1α, TNFα, COX-2 & PGE2 (in vitro data). This product is a potent anti-oxidant.


Sell Sheet

Symrise is a global supplier that produces fragrances and cosmetic ingredients for the Personal Care and Cosmetics industry. This company provides an extensive range of raw materials that are widely used in perfumes, shower and bathing products, skin and hair care, and deodorants. Key offerings include Actipone® Pueraria Root, Dragosine®, Emulsiphos®, Hydroviton® 24, Neo Heliopan® 357, and more.



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