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Penetration of Reactive Substances in the Skin Characterized by its Radical Status Factor (RSF)

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The effect of external treatments of the skin, as the topical application of substances (cosmetics-UV filter, antioxidants), the protection by textiles or the application of aggressive detergents influence the free radical status of the skin and can be characterized by the Radical Skin/ Status Factor RSF. This factor demonstrates the relation between the Radica l Status (RS) of the untreated (RS untr) and treated skin (RS tr) : RSF = RS tr/RS untr.

Substances or influences with a radical reducing effect results in a RSF > 1, with a radical increasing effect in a RSF < 1. No influence means accordingly RSF = 1. Therefore the RSF describes not only the UV- and Radical - protection of sunscreens but it is an universal factor for characterizing the whole radical status as a function of various exogenous and endogenous influences.


Gematria Test Lab is a service provider for the Household, Industrial, and Institutional Cleaners industry. It specializes in free radical research. Gematria offers a range of services including Antioxidant Power, Antiradical Potential Method, Coating Rate, RHF Radical Protection Factor, RSF Radical Sun/Skin Protection Factor, SAP Skin Antioxidative Protection, and Stability of Carrier Systems testing.

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