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The Influence of the Cosmetic Formulation on the Radical Status of Skin

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All skin treatments that influence the hydration degree of the skin and/or its barrier function may have a measurable influence on the radical generation. The highest effect was measured, when a solution of glycerine and water (50:50, w/w) was applied on the skin. The amount of free radicals compared to untreated skin was nearly doubled. Thus, there are no placebos, from a dermatological viewpoint. Beyond the extinction characteristics of UV filters, their distribution inside a cosmetic formulation as well as their distribution pattern on the skin’s surface are the most important parameters that drive the efficacy of sunscreens.

The more homogeneous is the film of UV filters on the skin, the higher will be the protective effect. The three model formulations, each exemplary for common sunscreen sprays, lotions, and creams, have very different performance on the skin.


Gematria Test Lab is a service provider for the Household, Industrial, and Institutional Cleaners industry. It specializes in free radical research. Gematria offers a range of services including Antioxidant Power, Antiradical Potential Method, Coating Rate, RHF Radical Protection Factor, RSF Radical Sun/Skin Protection Factor, SAP Skin Antioxidative Protection, and Stability of Carrier Systems testing.

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