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Biophilic™ S MB

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Biophilic™ S MB is a patented natural lamellar O/W system based on the emulsifying properties of unsaturated lecithin combined with other vegetable lipids, allowing the creation of soft and fluid off-white textures from lotion to cream. The lamellar emulsion mimics the lipid structure of the stratum corneum for a perfect skin affinity. Biophilic™ S MB acts as a “second skin” and therefore helps to restore the cutaneous barrier of damaged skin. The emulsion melts on the skin during the application and forms a restructuring film which reduces TEWL. Biophilic™ S MB is particularly recommended to create rich textures, since the fatty alcohol and the palmitic acid provide consistency and nourishing sensation characterized by the “phospholipid touch”: a cool, soft, silky and sophisticated skin feel.

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IFF – Lucas Meyer Cosmetics is a leading innovator in the field of ingredients for the cosmetic and personal care industries. We design and market award winning active ingredients, functional ingredients, botanicals and delivery systems.

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