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High-Throughput Rheometer HTR 301

Anton Paar Viscosity & Rheology stellt seine Produktinformationen in den unten aufgezeigten Regionen zur Verfügung:

High-Throughput Rheometer HTR 301 is the first fully automated rheometer available. Rheological measurements are carried out by MCR rheometers in the high quality the instruments are known for, while a robot handles all additional tasks pertaining to the measurement. Measurements are performed with concentric cylinder as well as with cone-and-plate and parallel-plate geometries – a novelty in automated rheometry.

The basic MCR 301 setup remains as modular and customizable as ever - with the difference that HTR 301 now performs all measuring steps automatically, operated by a robot. In its standard setup, it processes 96 samples in a single run – working for up to 24 hours a day.


Anton Paar GmbH specializes in high-end laboratory instruments for measuring density, concentration, viscosity and rheology. With a large global sales network to ensure quality products, Anton Paar maintains their excellent reputation in the scientific community by offering training, preventive maintenance, support, and service on all their high-precision laboratory instruments.

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