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JONCRYL® 611 BASF Dispersions & Resins Mid-range molecular weight, film forming, solvent soluble acrylic resin capable of maintaining high solids at low viscosity in solvent based formulations. Request Sample
JONCRYL® 67 BASF Dispersions & Resins High molecular weight acrylic resin designed to produce high quality pigment dispersions. It can also be used to manufacture water soluble pigmented chips where maximum color development and transparency are essential. Request Sample
JONCRYL® 678 BASF Dispersions & Resins Joncryl® 678 is a general purpose, mid-range molecular weight resin for water-based inks, pigment dispersions and overprint varnishes. Request Sample
JONCRYL® 680 BASF Dispersions & Resins Joncryl® 680 is a low molecular weight resin supplied in pellet form. It can be utilized to formulate high solids, low viscosity solutions to enhance gloss, resolubility and transfer in printing ink formulations. Request Sample
JONCRYL® 682 BASF Dispersions & Resins Joncryl® 682 is a very low molecular weight acrylic resin supplied in flake form. It allows for high solids, overprint varnishes with high gloss and excellent holdout. Request Sample
JONCRYL® 690 BASF Dispersions & Resins Joncryl® 690 is a high molecular weight, high acid value acrylic resin specifically designed to optimize the gloss and transparency of organic pigment dispersions. Request Sample
JONCRYL® 693 BASF Dispersions & Resins Joncryl® 693 is a cost effective, mid-range molecular weight acrylic resin that offers superior value when used as a component in overprint varnishes or as an ink extender resin. Request Sample
JONCRYL® HPD 671 BASF Dispersions & Resins Cost effective, high molecular weight acrylic resin designed for high quality pigment dispersions with very good viscosity stability. Request Sample
JONCRYL® HPD 696 BASF Dispersions & Resins Joncryl® HPD 696 is a high molecular weight acrylic resin specifically designed to improve the color development and gloss of pigment dispersions without compromising ink stability. Request Sample