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3,6–DIOXAOCTANEDIOIC ACID (DOODS) is a uniquely structured high-tech Oxa acid. It can be used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, high-tech, and chemical applications. The most remarkable characteristics of Oxa acids are very broad liquid range due to low melting and high boiling points, unique combination of lipophilic and hydrophilic functions, water-soluble, biologically degradable, excellent heat stability, and outstanding complexing properties. The unique combination of lipophilic and hydrophilic functions makes these waterclear substances “multi combatants” with many strengths in various chemical and physical applications.


AMRI Global is a global contract research and manufacturing organization with a focus on complex synthesis especially with phosphorous chemistry and boron chemistry. With locations in North America, Europe and Asia, AMRI’s team combines scientific expertise and market-leading technology to provide a complete suite of solutions in Chemical Manufacturing, Specialty Chemical Synthesis, Development and Analytical.

We care about the quality and success of your projects as if they were our own. No matter the size of your project or the complexity of the challenge, our experts pinpoint and execute the precise solution to hit your target. From molecule to molecule, batch to batch, your product will benefit from our ingenuity.

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