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Revitalizing Cream For Mature Skin (Formulation #SC-297)

Sederma stellt seine Produktinformationen in den unten aufgezeigten Regionen zur Verfügung:

Revitalizing Cream For Mature Skin (Formulation #SC-297) is a formulation that features products supplied by Croda. This cream was developed to meet the special needs of mature skin and is designed around the anti-aging benefits of Sterocare™. As an extract rich in plant hormones, Sterocare™ has a therapeutic effect on estrogen-deprived skin that helps to improve skin hydration and fight against aging.

The extract promotes protein synthesis and matrix production to increase skin thickness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Etioline™ is an ethnobotanical complex that fades age spots and minor discolorations and helps to even out skin tone. Shea Butter is used to help soothe and regenerate the skin, while the two Crodamol™ esters provide emolliency.


Sederma, a member of the Croda International Group, is dedicated to the development of active ingredients for the Personal Care and Cosmetic. Sederma specializes in a wide range of cosmetic ingredients for skin and hair care products, including a unique range of biochemical actives with substantiated efficacy for sebum regulation, protection from free radicals, skin firming, and wrinkle reduction.

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