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Instant Under-Eye Bag Relief with Dynalift™ (Formulation #ED 0038)

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Tired of looking tired and drawn? This formulation offers instant relief to those unsightly under-bags; it firms, smoothens and lifts the skin under the eyes. While the sodium silicate provides an immediate, smoothening and de-puffing effect under the eyes, Dynalift helps to lift and firm sagging skin in just minutes. In addition to adding comfort to the formulation Sensasil™ PCA reduces the dryness and provides a long lasting silky feel, whereas, Crodamol™ STS lessens the whitening effect of the sodium silicate. The primary emulsifier Crodafos™ CS20A was selected to tolerate the high sodium silicate load, and enhance performance of the actives.


Sederma, a member of the Croda International Group, is dedicated to the development of active ingredients for the Personal Care and Cosmetic. Sederma specializes in a wide range of cosmetic ingredients for skin and hair care products, including a unique range of biochemical actives with substantiated efficacy for sebum regulation, protection from free radicals, skin firming, and wrinkle reduction.

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