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Azelaic Acid Anti-Acne Cream (Formulation #181024A-10-W)

Corum Inc. stellt seine Produktinformationen in den unten aufgezeigten Regionen zur Verfügung:

A fast-acting azelaic acid cream quickly clears up blemishes, minimizes pore size and controls sebum production to leave a light, non-greasy and silky feel. With a high concentration of Azelaic Acid, it features antibacterial and comedolytic effects.


Corum Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of innovative active ingredients for personal care and cosmetics. They offer anti-aging peptides, whitening products, heating/cooling agents, anti-acne actives, surfactants, and moisturizing esters. The company engages in on-going research and clinical testing in order to keep up with the market and supply high quality products.

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