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Open the way from concept to creation with UL’s Early Insights Toolkit.

Customers are demanding more innovative, sustainable products and the market is demanding shorter development cycles and regulations are more numerous and complex. Regardless of the amount of time invested in researching materials and ensuring the function of your formulation or design, once that prototype leaves your hands there are several curves to negotiate on the way to completion.

UL’s Early Insights Toolkit helps anticipate barriers so you can adjust your course at the start

The technical data proficiency of Prospector is among a suite of capabilities for maneuvering through product development complexities. UL’s Early Insights Toolkit can help you reduce unnecessary re-work and avoid potential barriers to market.

And as a new annual Prospector subscriber, you can make use of several of UL’s chemicals intelligence tools for free.

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Regulatory Compliance

Identify potential regulatory implications earlier in the development process

  • Access automated Product Development Regulatory reports with up-to-date information
  • Identify areas of concern of an ingredient in a specific application
  • Connect with experienced Regulatory Specialists
  • Speak directly to experts who are well-experienced in global regulations
  • Understand regulations as they pertain to your use case

As an annual Prospector subscriber, you receive twelve free 30-minute consultations with a UL Senior Regulatory Specialist and six free Product Development Regulatory Reports. (Value: $1350)

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Computational Toxicology

Conduct Chemical Assessments UL’s with groundbreaking software

  • Innovative Software offers the objective, computational approach of QSARand the acceptability of read-across
  • Generate critical toxicology data for substances that are early in development and lacking data without performing animal testing
  • Utilize the data to comply with REACH and other regulatory compliance obligations and to inform product development
  • Obtain fully automated REACH concordant Toxicology Assessment Reports for up to 8 key endpoints
  • Reports include chemical hazard prediction, nearest neighbor hazard and non-hazard analogues including chemical structure, analogue structure similarity score and potency probabilities
  • Software is validated according to the OECD Validation Principles with prediction balanced accuracies over 70% for a broad range of chemical structures

As an annual Prospector subscriber, you receive two free end-point analysis. (Value: $600)

View Sample Report (pdf)

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Hazard Communication

Take the complexity out of Safety Data Sheet creation

  • Automatically generate a GHS-compliant SDS for your material or product information in an approved UL format
  • Have confidence in verified regulatory and scientific chemical ingredient data
  • Obtain a fast, reliable calculation of product level regulatory and SDS data
  • Scale to international GHS compliance standards and create SDS in multiple languages

As an annual Prospector subscriber, you receive two free GHS-compliant SDS. (Value: $700)

View Sample Safety Data Sheet (pdf)

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Consumer Perception

Better understand consumer preference for healthy products

  • View how your product is scored by an consumer-facing, health algorithm developed by environmental and health experts
  • Obtain an instant evaluation of your product’s formulation based on its ingredient comparison
  • Rely on chemical ingredient data sourced from authoritative and scientific regulatory lists
  • Formulate products with enhanced information on potential ingredient choices
  • Promote your product’s rating to hundreds of thousands of health-minded consumers

As an annual Prospector subscriber, you receive unlimited free consumer perception ratings, as well as free promotion for one formulated product. (Value: $300)

UL’s Early Insights Toolkit is part of the advantage you receive through Prospector.

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