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The Prospector® search engine from UL combines two sources of specialized raw material and ingredient information, Innovadex and IDES, into one powerful search engine for product developers and engineers. Offering accurate and reliable technical information for tens of thousands of products and the ability to connect with suppliers from around the world, the Prospector® search engine is the fastest way to find nearly any kind of material or ingredient.

From food ingredients and chemical additives to metals and plastics, over half a million formulators worldwide use the Prospector® engine to search and analyze technical product information. Physical property data, critical specifications, and compliance records, amongst other information, are all part of detailed product profiles in the Prospector® search engine. With daily database updates, the service is constantly adding to and refreshing its unequalled repository of technical product data. Supporting the mission of UL, the Prospector® search engine enables product developers to accelerate their innovation process and improve the quality and safety of products for consumers everywhere.

The Prospector® search engine serves the following industries:

Formulating Materials & Ingredients

Solid Materials


The Prospector® search engine from UL combines the information and application platforms of Innovadex, the leading specialized chemicals & food ingredient search engine, and IDES, the leading online resource for plastics and metals. IDES and Innovadex were launched separately by engineers and scientists who recognized the information exchange inefficiencies between suppliers and product manufacturers.

After more than two decades of building the most complete and current technical data resources for the industries they served, the two platforms have come together to jointly offer the Prospector® search engine. UL has a long history of advancements in safety science and supply chain innovation. The Prospector® search engine is an important resource for customers globally. UL has been the world leader in product safety for 120 years, helping manufacturers deliver safe, healthy and sustainable products to consumers everywhere.


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