Buffable Water Based Liquid Shoe Polish (Formulation #SC04) 


Croda 禾大

This oil in water wax emulsion is produced by an optimised blend of nonionic emulsifiers, Volpo CS6, Volpo CS20, and oleic acid soap. Syncrowax HGLC is a hard high molecular weight wax recommended in buffable polishes where it produces a high gloss. Syncrowax ERLC contributes to paste and film hardness, and gloss. Syncrowax HRC aids solvent retention and shelf stability. The above formulation can be used as a neutral base, a range of colours can be produced by the addition of suitable combinations of water soluble dyes and pigments. This formulation can be applied via foam applicator pad or via spray pack. On drying the polish film can be buffed to a desired level of gloss.



Croda is a world leader in providing natural specialty ingredients for household, Industrial/Institutional and non-wovens products. Their environmentally friendly product portfolio includes anionic surfactants, emulsifiers, emollients, and lubricants. These products offer benefits from advanced rheology control, fragrance management, powerful wetting, dispersing and foaming performance, to gentle cleaning and skin mildness.

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