Nuodex WEB Combi AQ 

Nuodex WEB Combi AQ is a stabilised, ready-to-use Cobalt/Zirconium/Lithium water miscible drier combination suitable for use in water based coating systems. It is a violet coloured single addition, pre-blended drier system, based in a de-aromatised hydrocarbon solvent. This product is very effective in water based coating and thus provides an excellent drying performance. Its total metal content is 10.3%.



Huntsman Pigments & Additives is an essential maker and processor of fluid, powder and granulated manifestations of iron oxide shade shades, common and engineered inorganic colors and robotized color taking care of frameworks utilized by producers of coatings and colorants. They concentrate on worldwide specialty fragments of the advanced materials markets, pigments and additives and specialty chemicals.

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