Irgacure® 250 

Irgacure® 250is a versatile photoinitiator for cationic polymerization of epoxy- or oxetane-based photo-curable systems upon light exposure. It can be used to effectively cure cationic inks and coatings, e.g., printing inks, white base coatings and adhesives. Irgacure® 250 is especially suitable to the cure thick and highly pigmented systems.

Irgacure® 250 may be used alone or in combination with suitable photosensitizers, such as thioxanthones, in UV-curable inks and varnishes for application on paper, metal, wood, plastic materials and adhesives. When used in combination with α-hydoxyketones, excellent surface curing can be obtained at sub¬stantially higher line speeds. Imaging applications in graphic arts (e.g., flexo and screen inks, white base coatings) may be of specific interest. Irgacure® 250 is also well suitable for adhesives applications.




BASF Dispersions & Pigments Asia Pacific provides solutions for customers in the coatings, construction, printing and packaging, and adhesive markets. These products help manufacturers in the adhesives, nonwovens, and fiber bonding industries meet functional and performance demands while using smart, ecologically minded materials that enhance the performance properties of customers’ production processes.

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