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    Ecopol Tech

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    Aqua (and) Polyurethane Crosspolymer-1 (and) Retinyl Propionate (and) Xanthan Gum (and) BHT

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CAPSURETINOL RP is a water-based emulsion of polymeric microcapsules containing 30% (750000 IU/g) all-trans retinyl propionate for cosmetic use. This product is free of chemicals of concern such as BHA, formaldehydes, acrylates, parabens and phenoxyethanol, among others. CAPSURETINOL RP ensures high encapsulation stability of retinyl propionate against early degradation and undesired interactions with external surfactants. During application of the product onto the skin, some of the capsules end up broken by friction, causing the delivery of Retinyl propionate. However, there is a part of the capsules that remain in the skin wrinkles, guaranteeing a prolonged local effect and intensifying the activity during the day. This product should be used as a less irritating option than retinol but still highly effective anti-aging and skin regenerating in cosmetic formulations.

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Ecopol Tech is a supplier of specialty polymers and encapsulated actives for cosmetics and healthcare. They have R&D expertise and are able to overcome challenges in polymer chemistry and encapsulation. The company ensures that its products/services comply with its high quality and safety standards.

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