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Triple Action Fast-Acting Moisture Cream (Formulation #F-0108[AP])

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Formulating stable emulsions is easy and simple with Novemer™ EC-2 polymer. This moisturizing formulation is primarily emulsified by Novemer™ EC-2 polymer, which effectively thickens and stabilizes the cream and suspends pigments. The cream’s elegant and cushiony sensory is provided by the combination of the following esters: Schercemol™ DIS ester, which imparts a light, fast spreading property; Schercemol™ SHS ester, which offers a buttery melting texture; and Schercemol™ CATC ester, which provides a lingering emolliency with comfort. This formulation offers three mechanisms to ensure a fast acting and longer lasting hydrating effect. It contains an occlusive molecular film with high moisturizing benefits and Glucam™ E-20 humectant which provides a non-tacky humectancy. The incorporation of medium and heavy esters – Schercemol™ SHS ester and Schercemol™ CATC ester – also helps in enhancing skin hydration by providing a breathable lipid barrier layer on the skin.


Lubrizol develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of specialty ingredients for skin care, hair care, bath &shower, surface, dish and fabric care. Their innovative technologies modify physical properties, enhance functional performance and ease of use and deliver aesthetic benefits to support key consumer product claims. They are dedicated to providing their customers with powerful, proven solutions so you can formulate with confidence™.

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