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Elementis is a global specialty chemicals company driven by scientific innovation to deliver products that enhance the performance and value of our customers' products. Historically experts in rheology and natural bio-functional ingredients, Elementis has added global leadership in antiperspirant actives to our growing portfolio of products.
Blossom Bursting Pore Refiner (Formulation #F-2016-02) Elementis Specialties 海明斯特殊化学公司 This pore minimizer gives a rich luxurious foam, which can be applied to the skin and rinsed off with water to cleanse, leaving the skin feeling moisturized.
Bootilicious Body Shaper (Formulation #B-2020-02) Elementis Specialties 海明斯特殊化学公司 Exfoliate your body with coffee. Let the clay create a soft feel on your skin. BENTONE® EW leaves a silky skin feel while providing a luxurious feel.