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Efka® 2580

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Efka® 2580 is a colorless liquid designed to be used as a defoamer in water-based coating systems and pigment concentrates. One of the unique properties of this family of defoamers is the ease of incorporation under low-shear conditions without causing negative side effects in the final paint film. Another strong property is the high-shear stability of these defoamers, which makes them extremely suitable to be used in high-shear processing such as grinding, stirring and pumping.


BASF manufactures adhesive raw materials for use in packaging, label, furniture, and transportation applications. BASF offers performance additives such as the Tinuvin® line of light stabilizers, as well as several brands including the Efka® line of formulation additives that offer dispersing agents, defoamers, wetting and leveling agents, and rheology agents.

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