Laponite® SL25 



Laponite® SL25 is a ready-for-use liquid dispersion of synthetic layered silicate modified with a patented dispersing agent. Supplied at 25% solids content in water, Laponite® SL25 is a translucent and colourless low viscosity liquid dispersion. On addition to formulations containing e.g. resins, surfactants or pigments, highly thixotropic gels are formed rapidly. It is used to impart a shear sensitive structure to a wide range of waterborne formulations including DIY and industrial surface coatings, household cleaners, ceramic and agrochemical products.




Byk globally supplies additives in the Paint and Coatings Industry. These additives include nanotechnology-based additives, surface additives, wetting and dispersing additives, and rheology additives. BYK’s product range also includes wax and process additives, defoamers and UV absorbers, and viscosity depressants. Byk’s key brands include ANTI-TERRA®, AQUACER®, BYK®, CERACOL®, DISPERBYK®, OPTIGEL®, etc.

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