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Hopsteiner® Iso-Extract 30%

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Hopsteiner® Iso-Extract 30% - also referred to as Isomerized Hop Extract 30% - is a pale amber, clear aqueous solution obtained from CO2 Extract. It contains only purified iso-alpha acids. It is intended to be added post-fermentation to top-up bitterness or serve as a partial hop replacement. Utilization can be as high as 85-90%. This product is commonly used to add bitterness and aroma to a wide variety of beers.


Hopsteiner® is a developer and manufacturer of hop ingredients used in Food and Beverage applications. It is dedicated to offering the highest quality hops and hop products used in beer brewing as well as various foods, spirits, yeasts, and nutritional supplements. Hopsteiner® offers an array of hop, hop pellet, hop extract, xanthohumol, and alpha, beta, and iso-alpha acid products.

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