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Frequently Asked Questions

My Account Management

When requesting Samples, Pricing or Technical assistance, you will immediately receive an e-mail confirmation. The confirmation includes the name, phone number and e-mail address for the specific individual or department that received your request. Please use the supplier contact information should you have any questions.

Requests to update account details may be made on the "Account Settings" page. Please note that not all updated information that you provide will be reflected in your user profile immediately. Changes will be submitted for review and will be reflected in your user profile within one business day.

Visit our Contact Us page.

The next time you log in, put a checkmark in the "Remember Me" box. When you check this box, you will be able to access the site without signing in the next time you visit. If you access the site on a shared computer, leave the box blank, or your log-in information could be used by others. To deactivate "Remember Me", click "Sign Out" upon exiting the site. To utilize the "Remember Me" function cookies need to be enabled.

If you are having trouble receiving our eNewsletter or e-mail communications you will need to add [email protected] to your Safe Sender, White List or Address Book.

Search Help

Your default region for searching is based on your primary business and location. If a product is not available for your region, send an email to [email protected] with the name of the product you are seeking.

The default Industry for searching is based on the industry focus selected in your member profile. You can switch between industries by going to the home page. To change the default for future searches or to modify other account details click on "Account Settings" after clicking on your name in the header.

This site is optimized for browsers Internet Explorer 9.0 and FireFox 26

If you are having difficulty logging in, please confirm that you are entering the e-mail address and password you entered when registering. Please remember that passwords are case sensitive. Contact customer service for additional support.

Results in gray are security enabled documents. Please use the Contact Supplier link provided in order to request access.

Disabling "Cookies" will prevent our site from working correctly and may cause you to re-enter information. To utilize the site, "Cookies" should be enabled. Please modify your internet browser and anti-virus software settings to enable cookies on our site.

Site Features

You can bookmark a particular product for later review by clicking the "bookmark" link on the product detail page. Each bookmark is saved with the product name and stored under the "Bookmarks" menu. By clicking the "Edit" link under the Bookmarks menu, you can view and sort your bookmarks or remove them.

All searches are region and industry specific. Your primary location of business and industry focus are referred to as your 'Default Region' and 'Default Industry' and will be the starting point for your search. Use the "Change Region" and "Change Industry" links to temporarily change your search. To modify default settings go to "Settings".

When you perform a keyword search, the word or phrase will be highlighted throughout the search results. Additionally, on the product details page, when the key word or phrase appears in a document the document's name will be highlighted.

To make your research easier, we have organized your personal database. You can access your Sample History, Saved Searches and Bookmarks. (Please see 'Saved Searches & Sample History' for further information on each of these features.) The 'Settings' link will also allow you to modify your profile Settings, such as; change your password, choose preferred language and select unit of measure. Lastly, you can keep your user information up to date! Whenever your personal information changes, such as employer, department, title, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc., you may request to update your contact details.

Requesting samples has never been easier or more reliable. On the search result page, associated with each product, you will find the "Request Sample" icon. Once you click on it, the sample will be added into your sample cart. Your personal Sample Cart appears on the top right of your screen. You can add multiple products from multiple suppliers into your sample cart. Once you are ready to submit those sample requests to the suppliers, please click on the items link next to the sample cart. A form will appear where you can specify sample size and application information. A comments section is also available for you to submit questions or comments to the supplier.

Samples can be requested in the Supplier standard size or larger volume. Typically a standard sample will be free of charge but can be dependent upon the product requested. The supplier will notify you prior to shipment if additional information or cost is required. REMEMBER: If you do not click on the items link, your samples will remain in the cart and the suppliers will not receive your request!

Need answers to your questions - fast? Use the "Pricing(RFQ) & Technical Support" service! On the product page, you will find the link "Pricing(RFQ) & Technical Support". Click and complete the form to provide information on your application and your request. Your request will be sent immediately to the key sales and/or technical contacts quickly and confidentially.

"Sample History" allows you to maintain a history of all samples you have requested via ULProspector.com. It provides you the opportunity to go back and review what was ordered. Sample History is displayed in descending order starting with the most recent.

When requesting a sample, you can make personal notes on a sample which are not passed to the supplier, such as the project number or title the sample will be used for. Those personal notes can be amended in the sample history, i.e. noting that a sample has been delivered or what the test result has been. TIP: To search your Sample History by product or supplier name, utilize your internet browser's Edit & Find feature.

The "Save Search" feature allows you to go back later and review saved searches and their relevant results. Any newly added products are automatically included in your saved search. Whenever you are satisfied with the results of a search you can simply click "Save Search".

TIP: We recommend naming Saved Searches / Alerts using the same nomenclature every time. This will provide great convenience when you review them later. Try using the search criteria as the name, as these criteria match exactly the search route you took to find the raw materials that meet your requirements. Modify your saved searches 'Saved Searches' after you are logged in.

Tagging allows you to personalize your search experience by associating a keyword (or phrase) to a product or group of products in Prospector. When you need to reference those products again, tagging makes them easier to find. To learn more click here: http://knowledge.ulprospector.com/5100/adding-tags-tagging).

Advanced Keyword Search

By using quotation marks you can search for an exact phrase. For example, entering 'Adhesion Promoters' will find all instances where that exact phrase exists. It will not return results that contain only one of the words or where the words are not found together.

Using "and" will return results for all terms and phrases used. For example, in the search tea and triethanolamine results will be returned which contain either of those words.

Using "not" will return all instances that contain the term of phrase to the left of the 'not', but do not contain the term or phrase to the right. For example, the search tea not triethanolamine will return all results that contain the word 'tea' and do NOT contain the word 'triethanolamine'

Adding an "or" will return all records that contain either of the phrases or terms. For example, the search tea or triethanolamine will return all records that contain either 'tea' or 'triethanolamine'.

You can use an asterisk to perform a wildcard search. For example if you entered "Croda*" you would see results for Crodarom, Crodamol, Crodaderm, etc.