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Ikeda Corp. of America

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Ikeda Corp. of America is a provider of cosmetic raw materials, cosmetic finished products, fragrances, natural colors, and beauty and health products to the Personal Care and Cosmetics industry. Their product list includes silk and silk derivatives, proteins, inorganic compound specialties, natural oils and waxes, plant extracts, other actives, surfactants and more.
NOMCORT® HP-30 Ikeda Corporation NOMCORT® HP-30 is a non-polar oil with a main content of C40. It contains dl-α-tocopherol approx. 50ppm. This product is recommended for lipsticks, lip glosses, creams, lotions, and foundations.
SALACOS® HS Ikeda Corporation SALACOS® HS is similar to intercellular lipid. It shows excellent water-holding capacity. This product is recommended for creams, lotions, foundations, cleansing creams, and lipsticks.
SALACOS® HS-6C Ikeda Corporation
  • INCI Name:
    Polyhydroxystearic Acid
SALACOS® HS-6C is an excellent dispersing agent for pigments. All raw materials are of vegetable origin. This product is recommended for sun care products, makeup products and cleansing products.