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Clariant International Ltd.

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Clariant International Ltd. has expertise in the Personal Care, and provides solutions for skin and hair care products. The company offers preservatives, active ingredients, surfactants and pearlizers emollients, polymers, emulsifiers and rheology-modifying polymers for personal care products. They work towards finding sustainable innovations and sensorial solutions for hair and skin care products.
Cleansing Conditioner Mousse (Formulation #BII / 1143) Clariant - Personal Care With GlucoTain® Care and Genamin® KDMP for smooth and conditioned hair, easy to rinse formula.
Curls & Waves (Formulation #147-01-HB) Clariant - Personal Care This hair formulation helps create curls and waves featuring a number of Clariant products.
Custom - Hair Gelée (Formulation #BII / 3037) Clariant - Personal Care This versatile hair gelée can be customized and mixed easily with any booster depending on your life style.
MAKE IT STRONGER! - Strenghtening Hair Serum (Formulation #151-01- MIS) Clariant - Personal Care Make it Stronger is a hair straightening serum that features Plantasens® Crambisol and Plantasens® Natural Emulsifier HE20.
Pumpable Liquid Hair Gel (Formulation #BV/3037) Clariant - Personal Care This formulation yields a clear, pumpable liquid hair gel. It contains Genapol® DAT 100 and Diaformer® Z 632 N for a flexible hold.
This is Not a Gel! (Formulation #145-01-GTM) Clariant - Personal Care This is Not a Gel! features Plantasens® Abyssinian Oil.
Walk On The Mild Side (Formulation #BI / 1179) Clariant - Personal Care Feel the freedom of flexibility with GlucoTain® Flex, creamy foam, provides excellent dry detangling of hair.