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Every day at Chemyunion we create and develop innovative ingredients for health and personal care, aligned with market trends. Our capabilities in delivery systems, plant extraction and organic synthesis provide maximum efficacy and safety in each ingredient for hair therapy, dermocosmetics and nutraceuticals, adding perceived value to our customers’ finished formulas, reaching consumers all over the world through pertinent brands. Discover how easy it is to innovate with Chemyunion.
Curls Control Leave-On (Formulation #CLV019A14) Chemyunion This formulation produces a leave-on curl control product featuring Chemylan AGLA, Sensoveil SIL, Omega Plus, Seriseal, and Energilium.
Humidifying Curls Activator (Formulation #CLV004D14) Chemyunion This formulation produces a curl activator featuring Hidragloss Quat C22, Uniliquid, Activeshine Amazon, and Chemynol®.
Relaxing Treatment with Seriless (Formulation #CLV010A12) Chemyunion This formulation produces a relaxing treatment featuring Hidragloss Quat C22, Activeshine Amazon, Chemylan AGLA, Omega Plus, and Seriless.