Desmodur® E 21 

Desmodur® E 21 is an aromatic polyisocyanate prepolymer based on diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI). It is a solvent-free liquid of medium viscosity. It is suitable for use in the formulation of moisture-curing, one-component systems which, when thinned with a suitable solvent, can be used as primers and sealers for porous substrates to provide protection against moisture, oil, fuel and other chemicals. It can also be used as a binder in the formulation of synthetic resin mortars.




Covestro (formerly Bayer MaterialScience) manufactures adhesive raw materials for use in the production of contact and heat-activated adhesives, as well as reactive and hot-melt adhesives for the transportation, furniture, footwear, packaging, and construction markets. Bayer offers a comprehensive range based on polyurethane and polychloroprene, with specialty raw materials that offer UV light and weather resistance.

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Covestro (formerly Bayer MaterialScience)

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