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Retroreflective Microspheres

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Retroreflective Microspheres incorporate a hemispherically coated aluminum shell which provides maximum retroreflection. In bulk, these metallized glass spheres appear as a grey powder. Under an optical microscope, each individual microsphere displays a partial aluminum coating.

Aluminum (Al) coatings on microspheres offer advantages in developing retroreflective surfaces for high visibility materials and applications. The hemispherical (half-shell) aluminum coating creates the mechanism for retroreflectivity as the light passes through the clear half of the glass bead and “bounces” off the reflective aluminum-coated back surface, directing the light back to the source or the viewer. Additional surface coatings (silane or fluorochemical) ensure that the spheres remain on the surface of the formulation, thereby enhancing the effect of retroreflectivity.


Cospheric LLC is a global supplier of NIST-traceable precision spheres, microspheres, beads and microparticles for R&D and industrial applications. The company carries over 2,000 products in variety of materials, densities, colors, coatings, sizes and properties developed based on customers’ needs. Custom products can be developed to meet customer’s specifications. Most of the products are in-stock and ship within 1 business day.

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