ENCOR® 154S 


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ENCOR® 154S latex is a high solids, self-crosslinking acrylic binder with excellent quick set and a high degree of wet tack. While it is primarily used as a binder for sealant applications, this latex can also be used to formulate barrier coatings, construction adhesives, contact adhesives, and pressure sensitive adhesives.

Sealants and adhesives based on ENCOR® 154S latex exhibit superior adhesion to a variety of surfaces, including hardwoods, plywood, glass, high-pressure laminate, particle board, fabrics, and metals. Sealants can be formulated to pass ASTM C 834 requirements with high elongation.




Nexeo Solutions is a leading developer and manufacturer of chemical ingredients used in the Adhesives & Sealants industry. It has a broad spectrum of core commodity and specialty items to provide specific formulation and regulatory solutions. Nexeo offers antioxidants, foam control, monomers, tall-oil fatty acids, oils, peroxides, pigments, plasticizers, polymers, preservatives, resins, silicones, solvents, surfactants, and thickeners.

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