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R-1505 is a non-corrosive, static dissipative RTV silicone that cures at room temperature to form a flexible, resilient, conductive bond or seal. It is best used for applications that require a non-corrosive adhesive/sealant. This product provides protection from extremes in humidity, temperature, radiation, thermal stress and mechanical stress. It can also be utilized as a shielding for RFI and EMI in electronic applications.


NuSil Silicone Technology designs and manufactures silicones for the medical implant and aerospace industries. Over decades they have refined their practices to include many more industries including the adhesive and sealant industry. NuSil offers silicones that can be used as adhesives to help control high vacuum environments in electronic and space applications that can also withstand hazards such as extreme high or low temperatures.They also offer custom made products based on a customers' unique applications.

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