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Triethanolamine 85


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Oxiteno makes their documentation available in the regions indicated below:

Triethanolamine 85 is obtained when ethylene oxide is added to diethanolamine. This product is 85% triethanolamine and is used in laundry detergents, hand dish washing detergents, degreasers, hard surface cleaners and multifunctional detergents and disinfectants. It is also used as an alkali agent in automobile shampoos, polishing waxes, and multifunctional cleaners.

Triethanolamine 85 is a weak base with hygroscopic properties, which makes it a good choice as an alkali agent in moisturizing hair products, like shampoos, conditioners, hairspray, liquids for perms, fixing gels, among others. In makeup and facial products, it can be used in eye shadows and pencils, mascaras, facial cleansers and eye creams and lotions. It also finds use in colognes, perfumes and bath oils for pH adjust.

Triethanolamine can also be used as the neutralizing agent for long-chain fatty acids, such as lauric, ricinoleic, oleic and stearic acids, forming TEA-Soaps. These soaps are soluble in water and have emulsifying properties. When used in soap-based liquid detergents or in transparent pine oil-based detergent/disinfectants, TEA-soap can promoting a blooming effect when the detergent is diluted in water.

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Triethanolamine (102-71-6)
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Oxiteno is a Brazilian company that operates worldwide, dealing in the manufacture of surfactants and specialty chemicals. They participate in multiple markets and industries, including Household, Industrial, and Institutional Cleaners. Their portfolio includes nonionic, anionic and specialty surfactants, as well as green solvents for the formulation of detergents, disinfectants, hard surface cleaners, waxes and polishes, degreasers and more.

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