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Scentsual HE Laundry Detergent (Formulation #Z351-61EJ)

Ashland makes their documentation available in the regions indicated below:

A laundry detergent for high-efficiency (HE) washing machines that will leave your clothes clean and smelling fresh long after washing and machine drying. This formulation uses a dual thickening system to suspend fragrance capsules in the package. The novel capsules are delivered from detergent format and will withstand the rigors of the machine washing and drying process.. During fabric use, the capsules release fragrance. These capsules are made using an encapsulation process that does not use formaldehyde or isocyanates Use 50-80 mL detergent for medium wash load.


Ashland offers innovative cleaning products for fabrics, household products, dishwashing applications, and industrial cleaners. The company supplies dye-transfer inhibitors, scale dispersants, and cellulose ethers. These products improve cleaning performance, enhance viscosity and particle suspension, and boost rheology modification and stabilization.

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