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INDRACOL-HC60 is an effective rheological additive, stabiliser, thickener, dispersant, protective colloid & film former for Home Care & industrial Cleaners. It is a high molecular weight polysaccharide, with a branched chain polymeric group based on xylose & galacto xylose.


INDRA AGRO-TECH Private Limited was established in 1995 with an objective to make state of the art modified derivatives based on various Natural polymers unique to India. INDRA has a manufacturing facility in northern Maharashtra with modern technologies, Production capacities as well as R&D Labs. The head office is located in Mumbai Maharashtra India. INDRA manufacturers Anionic, Cationic & Non-ionic Derivatives of Guar, Tamarind & Starch Ethers with end use rheological & thickening applications for the Textiles, Paints, Wet End Paper manufacturing, Personal Care, Home Care, Oil & Gas, Ceramics industries.

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