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BYK®-CATALYST 450 is an acid catalyst for solvent-borne and aqueous paint systems. It is a solution of an amine salt of para-toluene sulfonic acid. This product accelerates the crosslinking of amino resins with resins containing hydroxyl groups. Especially low reactive melamine formaldehyde resins of HMMM-type need an accelerator to lower the curing temperature or to reduce the baking time. In comparison with pure para-toluenesulfonic acid, the product shows considerably lower viscosity increase on storage which can extend shelf life 1,5 - 3 times. The additive allows a 10 to 20°C lower baking temperature compared to other blocked para-TSA catalysts (such as those with morpholine or aminomethylpropanol).


BYK has an established history of innovation such as being the first additive manufacturer to begin using Controlled Polymerization Technology (CPT), launching the first rheology-modified wax emulsion, and being one of the first companies to use nanotechnology for improving Coatings properties. BYK invests approximately 7.5% of its earnings in R&D—three times more than the industry average.

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