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TOYOTAC PMA-L is a Maleic acid modified Polyolefin. It is grafted with maleic anhydride. It has high content of maleic anhydride. It is an Adhesion Promoter and compatibilizer. It is a powerful CPO and Primer. Totyotac PMA-L main characteristics are: Good Hot Melt adhesion power to Polyolefin, PET,PA, Steel, Metal and EVOH. Good compatibilizer between PP/PA, PP/EPDM, PP/PC etc. Good coupling agent for glass fiber reinforced PP and mineral-filled PP. TOYOTAC PMA-L main aplications are: Hot melt adhesives for Alminium foil and Polyolefin as wrapping materials. Hot Melt Lamination for the multi-layer films such as EVOH/PP, PA/PP. Coupling agent for Polypropylene reinforced with glass-fiber, talc or inorganic-filler. Compatibilizer for Polypropylene combination with wood-fiber. Compatibilizer for the fiber-reinforced plastics. Available in select countries. Please inquire for more details.


DKSH Business Line Specialty Chemicals Industry is a leading distributor and global provider of Market Expansion Services for its business partners in the Chemicals industry. They provide specialty and high performance materials for a wide range of industries and applications, including Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Resins, Plastics, Rubbers, Construction, Rubber, Electronics, Petrochemicals…. For the particular Paints and coatings industry, they source and supply a wide range of innovative, high-performance chemicals and formulations for the paints and coatings industry. Their areas of expertise include Automotive coatings, Powder coatings, Decorative paints, Architectural paints, Wood coatings and Can and coil coatings.

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