Ancamine® 2505 Curing Agent 

Ancamine® 2505 Curing Agent is a modified cycloaliphatic amine intended for use with liquid epoxy resins. It imparts very rapid development of physical properties at ambient and low temperatures, for a fast return to service. The product yields formulations with very good chemical resistance, waterspot resistance, and resistance to amine blush. These properties make Ancamine® 2505 curing agent ideal for formulating epoxy flooring, coatings and linings.




Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. is a supplier of epoxy curing agents, specialty resins, diluents and modifiers for the Paints and Coatings Industry. Their line of high-performance and eco-friendly waterborne epoxy curatives and resins are applied in industrial maintenance, marine, automotive and aerospace coatings, as well as in other medium to heavy-duty industrial and commercial coatings applications.

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