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Formulation For Lithol Rubine Dispersion Using Esperse 506 (Formulation #1)

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Formulation For Lithol Rubine Dispersion Using Esperse 506 (Formulation #1). Traditionally, lithol rubine and other metallized azo red aqueous dispersions have a tendency to be unstable due to free metallic cation content of the pigment. Some improvements in formulation have been made with the introduction of HPD 296 dispersing resin from Johnson Polymer.

Though the pigments have more stability in this grind resin, some degree of pseudoplastic character still exists in the dispersions and inks made from it. The addition of a small amount of Esperse 506 to the formula dramatically reduces the pseudoplastic tendencies while maintaining viscosity and color



Ethox Chemicals offers a wide assortment of surfactants that use a broad variety of chemistries which include sulfation, phosphation, esterification, alkoxylation and custom synthesis. Their E-Sperse® line includes not only pigment dispersants but also defoamers, leveling agents, foam wetting agents, specialty additives and reactive surfactants. They are always willing to work with customers to create new surfactant products even if it is for a single customer.

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