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DOWSIL™ 3055 Resin

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DOWSIL™ 3055 Resin is an amine functional, solventless liquid silicone resin. It chemically reacts with organic resins that contain epoxide, carboxy, isocyanate or acrylate groups to form silicone-organic copolymers. This product is used as a crosslinker to improve the physical properties and long-term performance of paints and coatings.


Spanning from architectural wall and trim paints to heavy duty industrial coatings, Dow Performance Silicones provides resins, intermediates and additives for a broad range of paints and inks. The company’s resin or intermediates improve the UV resistance/exterior durability of both architectural and industrial coatings and its heat resistance is a well-known attribute used in the industrial sector. The company’s silicone additives deliver improved foam control, slip/mar/scratch resistance, leveling and flow, haptics and substrate wetting whether in solventborne, waterborne or UV systems. The water repellency and breathability improvement of silicone leads to their extensive use in façade paints.

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