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KRATON® D1155 JO Polymer

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KRATON® D1155 JO Polymer is a clear, linear block copolymer based on styrene and butadiene with bound styrene of 40% mass. It is supplied as dusted dense pellets. This product is versatile with a combination of high strength, wide range of hardness, and low viscosity for easy thermoplastic melt processing or processing in solution. KRATON® D1155 JO Polymer is used in pressure sensitive adhesives, hot melt spray diaper adhesives, construction adhesives, road and pipe coatings, and sealants.


Kraton Polymers International Ltd. can be formulated to produce a wide range of hot melt and solovent based industrial adhesives that range from non pressure-sensitive, to pressure sensitive, that adhere to a variety of substrates including paper, cardboard, polymer coated substrates, plastics, polyolefins, fabric, and foam, and that exhibit high performance. They also make copolymesr based on styrene and butadiene for use in paints and coatings.

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