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Speedcure XFd

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Speedcure XFd is a liquid photoinitiator developed to be highly reactive in dark pigmented systems. The product induces rapid photo-polymerisation of suitable resin formulations containing acrylates, unsaturated polyesters and styrene. A transparent pale yellow liquid, it exhibits low viscosity, high reactivity, surface and through curing in addition to being soluble in resin systems.


Lambson Group Ltd. provides a global service and support to the paint and coatings industry with Speedcure Photoinitiators which are used for a wide range of UV curable coating formulations. They offer a world class range of photoinitiators suitable for all types of UV coating chemistries including free radical (Type I, Type II) curing of acrylates, methacrylates and unsaturated polyesters and cationic curing of epoxides, oxetanes and vinyl ethers. For the metals and high performance plastics coating market, Lambson also provides their cationic Speedcure photoinitiator range, Uvi-Cure difunctional cycloaliphatic epoxy resins and specialty cationic monomers for improved cure speed and adhesion to difficult substrates.

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