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Busan® 1192

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Busan® 1192 is a highly effective film preservative for use in water and solvent-based coatings. The extremely low water solubility ensures that Busan® 1192 stays in the paint film to provide long-term protection against disfigurement by fungi. Being a powder, Busan® 1192 should be added during the grind phase of the manufacturing process to ensure even distribution throughout the coating. This product may be used at levels between 0.25%–1.2%, based on total weight of the coating. Busan® 1192 is compatible with a wide range of coatings raw materials. However, it is recommended that the formulator conduct tests to ensure long-term compatibility and color stability in the particular formulation being used.


Buckman Laboratories, Inc. produces sustainable chemicals through energy saving and water conservation, as well as being environmentally and economically responsible. Their R&D creates leading-edge technology that offers new process improvement, chemical formulations, economically viable, and industry-focused technology platforms. Buckman produces chemicals that can be used in high-performance products.

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