Polygloss® 90 


KaMin, LLC

Polygloss® 90 is an ultra-fine particle size, high brightness kaolin, designed to provide ease of dispersion and improved gloss in both aqueous and solvent-borne coatings and inks. This product specialty kaolin contributes to improved opacity through efficient TiO2 spacing. It can be loaded to higher PVC values than standard extender pigments, without decreasing gloss and with minimal effect on viscosity.


Technical Information


KaMin LLC is a producer of calcined and hydrous kaolin clays that are high in quality. With their in-house processing technologies and their high caliber reserves, they can manufacture excellent kaolins for an assortment of applications. Their KaMin™ line of products consist of a wide array of calcined and water-washed clays used in coating applications and as carriers. Their Polygloss® line of products include highly crushed, ultrafine kaolin clay that is used to lengthen water-based coatings.

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KaMin, LLC

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