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GR-650F is an odorless, translucent flake of thermosetting polysiloxane resin, soluble in polar solvents such as: alcohols (isopropanol, N-propanol, butanol and diacetone alcohol), ketones and the glycol ethers and their acetates. It is suitable for use as a binder for flame-proof, filled coatings and microelectronic and fiber optic coatings; optically clear, abrasion resistant coatings for lenses and applications requiring a thermal operating temperature from 250 °C to 300 °C (482 °F to 572 °F).


Techneglas produces glass resins a family of polysiloxane polymers used in a variety of applications. Glass resins provide a hard, scratch resistant coating on a variety of plastic substrates, such as flame proof coatings for resistors and circuit board coatings and mold release coatings which enable molders to get multiple releases on elastomeric parts while running cleaner and maintaining paintability for paint and coating formulators.

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