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TRIMET® TME (Trimethylolethane)

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TRIMET® TME (Trimethylolethane) is a high performance polyol containing three primary hydroxyl groups. Its compact neopentyl structure provides high hydroxyl content and excellent resistance to the effects of heat, light, hydrolysis and oxidation. This product has a water insoluble amount of 50ppm max., a colour (APHA) of 250 max., and a hydroxyl content of 41.0% wt. min.

Applications for this product include premium quality alkyd and polyester resins for paints, powder coating resins, polyol ester synthetic lubricants, plasticizers, stabilizers for plastics and titanium diox- ide pigment coatings. The nitrate ester is used in explosives and propellants. TME may also be used as a solid phase heat storage medium. Resins prepared with trimethylolethane are noted for their superior weatherability and excellent colour, heat and alkali resistance.


GEO Specialty Chemicals, Inc., Paints & Coatings Group supplies specialty monomers and polyols that can be found in eco-friendly Paint and Coating resin systems ranging from automotive finishes, home appliances, and leather to architectural and industrial Coatings. GEO Specialty Chemicals offers strong and versatile production capabilities with plants strategically located worldwide to reduce costs for customers.

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