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SiSiB® PC5440

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SiSiB® PC5440 is a colorless transparent liquid. It may be used as an inorganic binder for refractory fillers and pigments, like precision investment castings; as a second backup casting coating; as a binder in zinc-rich (corrosion resistant) coating; as a starting material for sol-gel process; as a crosslinking agent for silicone sealant; as a drying agent in sealing compositions; or as a chemical intermediate.


SiSiB Silicones has more than 20 years’ experience in manufacturing various silicone materials. They have established six factories in China to manufacture organofunctional silanes (silane coupling agents, silane crosslinkers, silane blocking agents), silicone fluids (straight, modified), silicone rubbers (Gum, HTV, RTV and LSR), silicone resins and fumed silica.

SiSiB® silanes are widely used in adhesives and sealants to improve environmental resistance, increase adhesion and other mechanical properties and can be used to improve the adhesion of many coatings (urethanes, epoxies, phenolics and others) to glass and metal surfaces for the paint and coating industry.

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